Give your customers delicious waffles, pancakes and more every time

Are you looking for the very best in tools and ingredients for making Belgian waffles, pancakes and more? Then you've come to the right place!

Here at The Malted Waffle Company we pride ourselves on excellent products for exceptional value, with specially designed and built machines available with orders of hand-picked ingredients for perfect results every time. Heck, we can even do waffles on a stick if you want!

We can help you deliver top food to your customers

The Malted Waffle Company was founded in 1986, and we have been servicing the hospitality industry with its finest waffle flour, pancake flour and waffle machines ever since - so we know a thing or two about waffles.

We cater for the full spectrum of the hospitality industry, with customers from all walks of life from some of the world's top hotels and restaurants as well as local cafes, canteens and guest houses. Big or small, you will find our prices for ingredients to be affordable and our products to be profitable.

Waffle maker - United Kingdom and Worldwide - The Malted Waffle Company - Pouring Syrup

For perfect waffles, pancakes and more, call The Malted Waffle Company on
+44 (0)121 308 6040

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